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Welcome to, your complete guide to sports betting and online casinos. The main building block of the site is comprehensive reviews with a focus on detail. Both bookmakers and online casinos receive ratings based on our reviews. We strive to be as objective as possible when rating and writing reviews. We always test all the companies you find on ourselves.

The most important parameters that we take into account in our evaluation are first and foremost our betting and gaming experience, i.e. satisfaction with the odds offered (range of games), odds level, deposit and winnings limits, user interface, deposit and withdrawal options, bonus offer, customer support, verification process, etc. Equally important to us are the reputation of the company and its owners, financial stability and history. We try to give you as much information as possible so that you can make up your own mind.

Best bookmakers Best online casinos
  1. Betano
  2. ForBet
  3. Tipsport
  4. Sazkabet
  5. Chance
  1. Forbes casino
  2. Casino Kartac
  3. Betor casino
  4. Grandwin casino
  5. Apollo Games

Do you like bonuses?

Almost every bookmaker and online casino offers bonuses and promotions. This is their way of attracting new customers and rewarding existing ones. It doesn’t really matter what the bonus is called, the important thing is that it offers some kind of reward to the customer. It would be a shame not to take advantage of such an offer!

There are many different types of bonuses. Some of the most common promotions are free sign up bonus, first deposit bonus, free bet, free spins, next deposit bonus or various promotions for popular sports competitions (e.g. early payout, refund of deposit for goalless draw, etc.).

If you decide to claim a bonus, please read the terms and conditions carefully. Each promotion has its own rules. Pay attention to how many times the bonus must be wagered, what the wagering requirements are (minimum wagering requirements), etc. Make sure you read all the information about the offer.


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    Why do we maintain our view?

    In the world of online gambling, our team members have been on both sides of the barricade. We have years of experience running online sportsbooks, from customer support, to affiliate management, to senior management. At the same time, we are active punters and gamblers ourselves, so we understand the needs and demands of both sportsbook and casino customers.

    We cannot promise you “easy money” because that would be a lie. There is no such thing as easy money in online gambling. However, we will give you as much information as possible about each company so that you can decide for yourself which one to use. To ensure maximum transparency, we have left an active option for our readers to comment on all content. We would be grateful for any additional information on a review, bonus rating or opinion on a blog article.

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